Frequently asked questions.

Q.How much does a bear costume cost?

A.$6,000 for the basic bipedal Activity Black Bear and $6,500 for the basic bipedal Activity Brown Bear costume with fixed jaw, more if the bear has jaw actuation or is quadrupedal.


Q.How long does a bear costume take to make?

A. It usually takes 6 to 8 weeks to make a bear costume from the date we receive your %50 deposit, but it may take longer for more complicated costumes or if we already have a number of clients ahead of you.


Q.Who can wear these costumes?

A.Wearing these costumes can be physically strenuous, so we recommend only fit adults wear them.  Our costumes can be made to fit a range of sizes.  Our Activity Bear costumes are made in two sizes; "Medium" to fit a person approximately 5'6" tall and "Large" to fit a person approximately 5' 11" tall.


Q.Do you rent costumes?

A. No, we do not rent costumes.


Q.I want a custom puppet or costume. How much will it cost?

A.The cost of a custom puppet or costume depends on the size and complexity of the item.

Contact us for an estimate.


Q.How long will a custom puppet/costume take to make?  

A.The minimum amount of time it will take to make a custom item is 6 weeks from the time we receive your deposit.